Chromatex   Apparels

Passion, Perfection & Innovation

Chromatex is a Bangladeshi owned creative & dynamic apparel solutions provider. We aim at serving our customer with the best quality apparels with economic prices out of Bangladesh. Our services include but not limited to apparel designing, manufacturer sourcing, capacity building, technical support and others. Apart from working on clients’ design we also have our own design hub and sample section for product development.

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Passion for product

Our products always remain as our key priority. From design to development our creative & dedicated product developers, technician provide their best effort to develop the perfect product as per customers’ demand. This effort further spreads from material sourcing to bulk production. Every product is passionately checked in different parameters before reaching at client’s door step. We call it “every stitch that counts to us”.

Strong sourcing

One of our main strength’s is product sourcing. Our wide network of trusted partners includes some potential small & medium sized factories who are skilled at manufacturing knit, woven, denim and sweater products. We choose these kind of reasonable set up so that we can get economic benefit and offer the same to our customer. However, we relentlessly work with them and raise their standard up to our level. With our consistent effort over the years they have emerged as our potential “Development Partners”. And with their effort we can assure our customers the best product with the cheapest price out of Bangladesh.
chromatexapparels Template
chromatexapparels Template

Skilled product technician

Our dedicated & skilled garment technicians are responsible for the correct fit and performance of a garment. Working closely with the design team and factory, our garment technician instructs on garment measurements and construction to enable the bulk production of approved prototypes. They look after each and every stage of garment production for instance garment production, garment designing, production and manufacturing. Our QC team ensures the right quality of the outward garment by conducting quality audits in manufacturing process. Their relentless effort reassures zero tolerance on product quality.

Supply chain excellence

We aim at creating customized, end-to-end supply chain and logistics solutions for brands and retailers. We carefully manage our supply chain to minimize wastage and maximizing productivity which allows us to offer competitive price and flexible lead time. Utilizing our extensive network of trusted partners, we can deliver both small & large orders with the same assurance of quality.
chromatexapparels Template